Southern O Weekend 2018 includes three days of great orienteering, based in the beautiful Nelson Lakes region.


Day 1: Middle Distance 

Date: Friday 26th Jan

Map: Tunnicliffe Forest, Wakefield 

Start times: Midday to 2pm


A brand new map just outside Wakefield, 30mins drive from Nelson. Pine forested with a little native on moderate to steep slopes. The event will be based from the Wai-iti domain.



Day 2: Long Distance 

Date: Saturday 27th Jan

Map: Teetotal Flat, St Arnaud

Start times: 10:30am to 1:30pm


Teetotal Flat is flat and fast map, although technical in places. Covered in Kanuka and Manuka scrub that varies in runnability, the area also includes significant amounts of rock detail. Make sure you have your speedy legs on but don't forget to slow down in places!




Day 3: Middle distance chasing start 

Date: Sunday 28th Jan

Map: West Bay, St Arnaud

Start times: 10:00am to midday 


Starting time for the chasing start will be calculated based off finishing times by course from the previous days long distance.

West Bay is similar terrain to Teetotal in that it is Kanuka/Manuka scrub, however West Bay has much more vegetation detail. It can be vague in places and it is very easy to lose your location, with few chances to relocate. The chasing start should give many opportunities for you to slip past your opponents while they stumble round hopelessly lost!